What we can do for you?

We Can Provide FREE Office Furniture Clearance and Removal, if we believe the furniture can be resold or reused by our chosen charity The Knights Foundation.

  • Office Furniture Clearance

    If it has got any value to you... it probably has value with us. Don't get tied up in the mess off paying someone else to remove your furniture for you, let us have a look first, as we may be able to take it away for free. Be sure that we are you first choice when it comes removing you office furniture.

  • Simple Professional Service

    We provide a fast, professional and effective every time . Our company has been built over the years on the foundations of doing every part of our service with upmost quality. Our mission is to make sure that once you use us you refer us and use us every time your business needs a clearance or removal.

  • Location's That We Serve

    We serve all areas around London. North Central London, North East London, South East London, South West London and North West London are all areas you can arrange with us to book your office furniture removal. If you have got something to be removed in these areas please get in touch with us.


About us

We have been in this industry for over 25 years, specialising in the removal of all types of office furniture. From IT and electrical equipment removal to the removal of all types of office furniture. We're like to take care of our customers like we do the environment. We always try to do our part for the environment by making sure usable and functioning office furniture finds it way to a new owner or is disposed of properly by breaking down the office furniture for recycling.

  • Environmental Agency Registered
  • Fast, Friendly and Effective
  • Clear Office Furniture For Free



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